We Develop Solutions to Inspire Positive Change in Organizations 

Kinetecs integrates technology with wellbeing to guide individuals to a healthier lifestyle

Good Health Should be a Priority for Everyone

Providing a structure for wellbeing in the workplace enables employees to live a healthier lifestyle
Physical Activity

Our straightforward activity-focused program ensures that companies see measurable improvements right away. A structured physical activity routine is proven to prevent illness, improve sleep, increase energy, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and promote weight loss. Read more evidence-based research from the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, published in 2018 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Technology is Changing Wellness

Innovations in technology provides new and effective ways to stay accountable to a wellbeing program. Whether your employees bring their own wearable device, or your company enrolls in our low-cost wearable rental program, it is easy and fun to connect employees to your Kinetecs' wellness program. With each wearable device, we provide technical support and guidance to help people stay focused on their health. From seeing real-time daily activity to monthly aggregate reports and contest results, our program produces meaningful results.

Improve the Workplace

Do you want to decrease healthcare costs, reduce employee stress, and cut down on absenteeism and turnover? Kinetecs' wellbeing program will help prevent costly chronic illness, increase productivity, and produce a company culture that adds value to your business.


What Our Clients and Members Say

Kinetecs has been very hands on with our company, from the "kick-off" party to helping individual employees with any questions or concerns. I'm happy to recommend the services of Kinetecs.

                                                         -Bill, CEO

"Pushed me to go the extra "mile". I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone."

                 -Cameo, Member

"On days that I otherwise wouldn't do anything, it motivates me to get up and take a walk or do a short amount of exercise in order to maintain my goals for the day. Overall, I would say that I am definitely more active on a daily basis due to the program."

                    -Megan, Member

Kinetecs has been great to work with and very helpful every step of the way. It's great to compete with others in my workplace and set goals for myself


                                    -Britt, Member

Learn how Kinetecs creates meaningful changes in people's lives.
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