Why Kinetecs?

Kinetecs has developed solutions that will help businesses achieve a high rate of engagement that results in positive behavioral changes in employee’s lives.

Most importantly, we provide exceptional support and service that is local to each company that we work with. With local, hands-on service, we can successfully deliver a wellness solution that caters to the needs of companies of any size. This partnership with Kinetecs’ services will create a rewarding, measurable experience for each person that, in turn, will lead to improvement at the workplace.


Local Service

We are close by to help with your needs. We include wearable devices and manage your wellness program so you are able to focus on your business.


Our knowledge of technology and experience in fitness and healthcare enable us to create a successful program with measurable results.


We collaborate with local fitness, nutrition, medical, and other health professionals to provide seminars, health advice, and more.


Our program results in over 60% participation from employees. We provide data and aggregate reports while respecting employee privacy.

" I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone "
Cameo B.
" Kinetecs has been great to work with and very helpful every step of the way. The bands are easy to use and have great functionality. The goals set encourage me to work harder. It's great to compete with others in my workplace and set goals for myself "
Britt M.
" Great program. Keeps you on track and aware of how many activity/steps you actually do in a day/week "
Bonnie J.
" What a great program! While looking aout for an elder parent is difficult under any circumstance, the Fitbit program reminds me to take a few minutes for myself to exercise "
Teresa M.

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