About Us

Since 2016, Kinetecs has been providing innovative wellbeing solutions in Delaware. Our modern approach to workplace wellbeing incorporates the newest wearable technology into a company’s plan to engage their employees in a healthier lifestyle

Why Kinetecs?


Local Service

We are close by to help with your needs. We include wearable devices and manage your wellness program so you are able to focus on your business.


Our knowledge of technology and our experience in fitness and healthcare enables us to create a successful program with measurable results.

Modern Digital Watch
Doctor Teaching on Seminar


We collaborate with local fitness, nutrition, medical, and mental health professionals to provide up to four FREE onsite seminars a year.


Our program produces high participation rates, giving you a better snapshot of your company's wellbeing. We monitor progress with real-time data, monthly aggregate reports and results from anonymous surveys that help improve our program.


Improving People's Lives

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